Main Objectives of The Department

These are briefly summarized as under:

  1. Extending tree cover outside forests on available waste lands/avenue plantations on railway tracks/ road sides/canal banks & in institutions etc. to reduce pressure on natural forests for supply of forest produce.

  2. Rehabilitation of degraded forests so as to optimize their productivity and restore their potential to provide ecosystem goods and services on sustainable basis.

  3. To encourage farmer community to plant trees on farm bunds/agro forestry.

  4. To mobilize community participation through Joint Forest Management in creating, maintaining, protecting and managing the Social Forestry plantations.

  5. To help in poverty alleviation by providing livelihood/employment to the rural poor particularly the land less and other weaker sections of society.

  6. To conserve and improve ecology and environment in the region.

  7. To increase the productivity of wastelands.